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Welcome to Miranda

Authentic Seafood cuisine in Fiumicino.

Looking to savor the true essence of seafood cuisine?

Greetings, I’m Massi, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to Miranda’s Restaurant: a haven for seafood aficionados who appreciate hearty, authentic, and bountiful meals, located merely a pebble’s throw from the sea’s shore.

Our seafood specialities are rooted in ‘Grandma Miranda’s recipe book,’ a treasured inheritance that has been preserved and passed down through generations with love.

I am dedicated to continuing her culinary vision: no pretentious blends, micro-portions, or menus filled with baffling buzzwords.

Only the freshest, most genuine ingredients are selected for our mouth-watering and satisfying dishes, made just as Nonna would have prepared them.


Massi di Ristorante Miranda

Delve into the rich heritage of Grandma Miranda’s memory-laden cuisine

3 reasons to choose us.
Nonna Miranda

A Menu Echoing the Culinary Heritage from Grandma Miranda's Recipe Book

Grandma Miranda’s Recipe Journal holds an immeasurable place in my heart. It’s where I learned to master the art of cooking, uncovering both subtle and profound secrets that made Grandma uniquely remarkable. Like her meticulous attention to fresh pasta, the craft of egg noodles, and her charming encouragement: ‘Come on, add another yolk to it!’ It’s through these treasured pages that I discovered the true flavor of Chowder. Not the monochromatic, supermarket variety, but rather, an explosion of aromas, hues, and tastes that Grandma Miranda summoned to the table every time.


Fresh ingredients and good, carefully chosen coastal fish

Countless are the times I accompanied my grandmother to purchase fish straight off the pier, directly from the hands of local fishermen. Navigating through a sea of a hundred varieties, discerning the day’s catch from ‘the bottom of the pile.’ Even today, we continue to work with our trusted fishing vessels; passionate fisherfolk who daily deliver the essence of the sea to Miranda’s doorstep. 

An ambiance reminiscent of home, cosy and joy-filled just like the carefree days of our childhood.

When I reflect on Grandma Miranda, I’m transported back to family meals of yesteryears. I reminisce about dishes no longer common on today’s tables, like the hearty fish soup or the unique seafood parmigiana. I recall a time that was slower, simpler, filled with laughter and warmth. A nostalgic reminiscence of my childhood days. 

Cuisine and Menu

Grandma Miranda was a wise soul when she professed: “One cannot think, love, or sleep well, without dining well first!”

And we are here to demonstrate her wisdom!

Our cuisine is a vibrant testament to our passion and love for the bounty of our coastal waters. Each dish is a time capsule, transporting you back to the cherished flavors of yesteryears. It’s a journey that takes you back to the comfort of home, to a place brimming with the most delightful memories from your childhood.

Every day, we meticulously prepare fresh pasta and homemade desserts, keeping alive the traditions of the old days.
Grandma Miranda instilled in us: it’s the details that make all the difference!
And that’s precisely why you’ll find our live aquarium taking center stage in the dining room, an ever-present testament to the freshness of our ingredients.


Do you have any options or kids' menus?

At Miranda’s, children are always a delight!

We curate special menus for our little patrons, featuring appropriate portion sizes and delectable dishes that we know they’ll adore.

To ensure everything is arranged to perfection, please inform us when making a reservation about the number of your young food enthusiasts, their ages, and any need for high chairs!

Like all grandmothers, Grandma Miranda has a special place in her heart for the little ones.

Here are some proposals:

Pasta or rice with sauce – 6€
Grandma’s lasagna – 10€

And for second courses:

Schnitzel with fries – 6€
Hamburger and fries – 10€
Finally, a sweet of your choice

Are you equipped to cook gluten-free?

Generally speaking, YES, we meticulously prepare gluten-free dishes and also offer gluten-free bread, breadsticks, and desserts. However, as we frequently use gluten-containing ingredients, there can be a risk of cross-contamination in our kitchen, particularly during busy times with a high volume of orders.

Thus, to ensure maximum safety, we recommend avoiding reservations on days when we anticipate a large influx of customers, such as weekends.

Do you cater to vegetarian diets?

While we do not feature a dedicated vegetarian menu, our offerings do not lack options for vegetarian palates, such as our Eggplant Parmigiana or the renowned Ravioli filled with Aubergine and Smoked Scamorza cheese.

For our vegan guests, we provide a selection from our side dishes, including Seasonal Mixed Salad, special Leonessa Baked Potatoes, French Fries, Sautéed Chicory, and a medley of Grilled Vegetables.

Do you have a meat menu?

While our standard menu is centered around seafood, we can certainly accommodate requests for meat dishes:


  • Eggplant parmigiana
  • Tomato bruschetta

Main Courses:

  • Carbonara
  • Amatriciana
  • Tomato ravioli filled with scamorza cheese and aubergines
  • Traditional meat lasagna

Second Courses:

  • Beef burger
  • Schnitzel

Side dishes

  • Available à la carte

Our specialties

Fettuccine all'astice | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Spaghetti alle vongole | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Cartoccio di moscardini | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Frittura di paranza | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Zuppa di pesce | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Sauté di cozze | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Crudo | Piatto Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino
Tiramisu | Dolce Ristorante Miranda Fiumicino

The Story

Our story began more than 60 years ago, with Grandma Miranda and a little scratch kiosk on the seafront. Since then, the seed has sprouted: from kiosk, to ‘fraschetta’, then trattoria and finally today’s restaurant.

Here at Miranda’s, I, Massi, alongside our long-standing team, carry on the adventure, upholding the values of authentic seafood cuisine with the same fervor and commitment as Grandma herself.

How do I safeguard these values that are dear to me? I’ve chosen to forsake any ‘fusion’, sophisticated or ‘trendy’ cooking style. I’ve parted ways with micro-portions, odd combinations, and menus filled with perplexing jargon.

Our mission is to revive the genuine seafood cuisine of the past, guided by Grandma’s wisdom: where the fresh catch reigns supreme, and Grandma is our queen!

Massi & Grandma Miranda
Guardians of traditional, authentic seafood cuisine.

1972 2023

Environment and Garden

The atmosphere at Miranda’s Restaurant is open, airy, and inviting. For over half a century, we’ve been welcoming our guests into a setting that feels just like home – warm, cosy, and steeped in familiarity.

This is the place to immerse yourself in a joyful journey, where you can partake in and share life’s most beautiful emotions with an open heart.

Here, you can savor romantic candlelit seafood lunches and dinners, enjoy quality family time, or create happy, carefree memories with friends and colleagues.

Miranda’s Restaurant also boasts a rare feature in Fiumicino – a summer garden and outdoor seating. Nestled beneath a pergola amidst lush greenery, the garden provides a splendid atmosphere, an idyllic retreat for those seeking a quiet, intimate experience by the sea.

What they say about us

Our strength is our people, all the customers and friends who daily choose to continue to trust us.

Customers who have experienced the time when Sunday lunch was the centre of the family.
Customers who came as children to eat soup with their hands and now bring their children to experience tasty and entertaining moments.

First-timers who visit out of curiosity to savor our dishes, desiring to partake in a lunch (or dinner) rich in joy and cherished memories.

It is thanks to you that we’ve maintained our position among the top seafood restaurants in Fiumicino on Tripadvisor for a decade.

It is thanks to you that with over 2000 reviews we stand as the most highly-reviewed restaurant in Fiumicino on both Google and TripAdvisor.

They talked about us:

Guida di Repubblica
Guide del Gambero Rosso
il Messaggero

Miranda is a historic restaurant in Fiumicino, devoted to traditional seafood cuisine, to which spectacular raw dishes have been added over the years. Everything is excellent and fresh, accompanied by fast and friendly service and good prices.


The strengths of this restaurant are the welcome, service and customer care, as well as an ‘old school’ professionalism that is rarely found these days. Added to this is the excellent quality of the ingredients used, generous portions and reasonable prices.


I was looking for a cosy place to eat excellent fish to celebrate a special occasion. Friends recommended this restaurant to me and what can I say? We were more than satisfied.


Highly recommended for the beauty of the venue, the quality of the dishes served and the courtesy/professionalism of the staff.
I have already made reservations at Miranda’s several times and expectations have never been disappointed! I will definitely be back.

Sandra M.

Right from the welcome with the glasses of prosecco, everything was really great! The dishes were excellent! I highly recommend the langoustine cream risotto, a real treat for the palate!
I would like to thank all the staff for a wonderful dinner.

Maja C.

A guarantee! We have been going to this restaurant for years and I always find quality and courtesy. Recommended for both families and intimate dinners. In summer with the opening of the garden, the atmosphere is fantastic.


Your event

At Miranda, every occasion becomes special.

Our restaurant, with its indoor dining area, summer terrace, and carefully curated menus for every occasion, is an exceptional choice for your celebrations as well as special gatherings with family and friends, such as birthdays and graduation parties.

Your Important Moment

Ideal for birthdays, graduation parties, corporate dinners.

We’ve been orchestrating these events for 50 years. For every moment that deserves to be cherished, entrust those who have been doing it successfully for decades.

(Starting from 29€ per person)

Your Special Event

Ideal for weddings, wedding anniversaries, baptisms, first communions and confirmations.

For those truly extraordinary events, where there’s no room for error, we meticulously plan down to the smallest detail, significantly easing the weight of organization for you.

(Starting from €55 per person)