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The gift card of the kitchen of memories.

If you want to make sure you don’t get the wrong gift, choose Grandma Miranda‘s kitchen.
Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to choose something special to give to someone you love: we are surrounded by material gifts, we need to give love, energy and tradition: the forgotten tradition of cooking: that of Sunday in the family, with grandma at the cooker .
Choose our gift card.

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    5+1 most common questions and answers about MirandaCard.

    Does the card have an expiry date?

    No, the card can be used when it suits the person to whom you give it.

    For what occasion could I use it?

    An invitation to lunch or dinner is appreciated by all and at all times of the year.

    So whether it’s a birthday, a graduation or a ‘ simple’ thank you, MirandaCards are ideal. And they make a great gift for both men and women.

    If the person loses the gift card, how does it work?

    In the event of theft or loss of the MirandaCard, the holder is always protected.
    We always make a note of the name of the person giving the gift and the person receiving it, so it can be used even without physically presenting it.

    When can the card be used?

    Can be used every day from Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays and national holidays.

    Is reservation compulsory?

    Yes, at the Miranda restaurant, reservations are compulsory.

    Are there any other special conditions?

    The MirandaCard cannot be redeemed for cash and does not entitle the holder to change, it must be used up in full. Moreover, it is only valid for the services expressly indicated on the card.

    • Payment is conveniently possible via links without having to go to the venue.
    • If you prefer, at Miranda you can pick up the GiftCard to give as a present, alternatively online we can send you an email with the gift to be personalised with a dedication.