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Ideal for all events worth remembering!

When we organise an event, we like to do it well. We leave nothing to chance, and we organise it together with you, to make sure it is exactly as you imagined it.

If you want to rely on our 50 years of experience, we offer a reduced à la carte menu* ideal for events such as birthdays, graduation parties and corporate dinners.

We don’t like to leave anyone hungry, so the courses will be plentiful and no one will get up hungry.

*It is not necessary to choose it BEFOREhand. All lunch or dinner participants can decide on their favourite dish once they are seated at Miranda!

The menu is for groups (minimum 6 persons) and is composed as follows:

Flute of Prosecco for all.

A first course to choose from:


Chicche (potato dumplings) allo scoglio with shrimps, squid and prawns and local seafood;


Scialatiello with local clams;


Risotto, perfectly cooked, with langoustine cream;

This is followed by a second course to choose from:


Crispy fried squid or Paranza: red mullet, cod, anchovies and sole;


Grilled fish, with sea bream fillet, squid, prawns and langoustine;


Baked sea bream or sea bass.

#Bonus1: free cake

Choose your favourite cake from:

  • Mimosa or Millefoglie: cream and Nutella or cream and berries.
  • Profitteroles: cream and cream or cream and Nutella.

Homemade cakes!

Our cakes are fresh, genuine and homemade!
We even put candles in them! …or rather, a candle, but a fountain candle: so no one will know how many springs have passed!

#Bonus2: bottle of prosecco

Not only that, to make sure you don’t miss anything, we will finish with Grandma Miranda’s liqueurs:

  • The ‘ Mirandino – Fiumicino’s historic limoncino’.
  • Everything will be accompanied by ” Gli Anicetti – A fine meal is perfect!” Grandma Miranda’s aniseed biscuits.

The cost?

The a la carte price of this menu is 36€.

But booking directly through the form at the bottom of this page is only €29 per person, excluding drinks.

Do you want to add drinks ?

You can have unlimited drinks: water, soft drinks and wine (either the house frizzantino or bottled Vermentino), for an additional €5 per person, including coffee with cream. The choice is only valid if made by the whole table.

Would you like to add hors d'oeuvres ?

We have prepared 3 packages according to your needs: Platinum, Silver, Gold.


P.S: If you choose at least 2 packages (e.g. silver drinks and hors d’oeuvres) you will be entitled to the happiness glass: for a super toast !

Platinum level

Starters 1 for every 2 pax, while waiting for the first course, to be chosen from:

  • Drowned octopuses
  • Soutè of mussels
  • Fried hake
  • Fried anchovies

Adding 4€ per pax.

Silver level

Miranda forza: a selection of 5 starters, both hot and cold, at the centre of the table, – 1 for every 2 pax, to cater for everyone:

  • Seafood salad
  • Marinated Anchovies and Salmon
  • Drowned octopuses
  • Mussels

Adding 7€ per pax.

Gold level

1 starter per pax, for a full menu, to choose from:

  • Drowned octopuses
  • Soutè of mussels
  • Small fried octopus or anchovies
  • Seafood salad

Adding 8€ per pax.

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